Music of Marudhar Mharo Ghar is liked by critics

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

The review of the music of Marudhar Mharo Ghar is out on net and it seems critics are loving the music. Here is the review of the music written by Sailesh Gandhi.

Mumbai 2014 Aug XXII(Sailesh Gandhi)

: From its name itself, Marudhar Mharo Ghar sounds as a tribute to Rajasthan. The music of this film invaded by the singer Raja Hasan who apart from singing songs has wrote the lyrics and composed the music and is also acting in the film.
The music sounds Rajasthani as a general though at some places Bollywood touch has been given to the music to aim the songs at the younger generation.

Title song marudhar hai maro ghar is like a tribule to one’s motherland. There are emotions of one’s birthplace in this song. It opens with voice of popular singer Shankar Mahadevan and then Raja Hasan and Swaroop Khan join him. It has a sort of bhajan type feel in its music and is a nice song. Lyrics and music are in sync to make it a perfect number of the film.

Ankhyan sung by Raja Hasan has lots of beats and thumping music that makes it a foot tapping number. It can be a hit during the festivals when there is atmosphere of dancing. There is a rap type singing in the song as it nears the end.

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The track Thare Dil Mein voiced by Raja Hasan has a nice composition. It has a lot of depth in it. Being a romantic song, there is a variety of music pieces in between the stanzas. Various music pieces in between the stanzas romantic song.

Female version of Thare Dil Mein sounds different and has a magical effect lend by voice of Sunidhi Chauhan. She has sung the song very well and has outperformed the lyrics and the music of the song. The song carries romance and emotions keeping both of them balanced. It is a soulful track.
Dhili Dhili sung by Raja Hasan is a peppy song with rising and falling tempo of music in between. Still, it is an average number.

The only duet song in the film Banna Thari that has voices of Raja Hasan and Pragya Sudhani is a melodious number of the movie. Singer Pragya Sudhani has sung it beautifully. This number has a regional touch with a hint of Rajasthani music from beginning to end. Be it the flutes or the percussions, every music piece sounds good. Overall, the film has a good music to boast of.

Raja Hasan interview on DD Rajasthan

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

Raja Hasan was on the show Dharti Dhora RI on DD Rajasthan last week. Lovely interview by Raja Hasan. He talks about his career, his new movie Marudhar Mharo Ghar and sings many songs. The interview was done by Anshu and Somendra Harsh. Thanks to Somendra Harsh for posting the video.

Here is the video for you:

Video of first song of Marudhar Mharo Ghar released

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

The video of first song of Marudhar Mharo has been released. The song is Gori Thari Ankhiyan which is sing beautifully by Raja Hasan. Here is the video for you:

Video trailer of Marudhar Mharo Ghar

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

The first long video trailer of Raja Hasan`s movie Marudhar Mharo Ghar was released yesterday. Here is the video for you:

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