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Songs Lyrics of Marudhar Mharo Ghar

Songs lyrics of Marudhar Mharo Ghar for you.

Song : Aankhyan

Marudhar Mharo Ghar song lyrics

Song : Thare Dil main Ren De

Marudhar Mharo Ghar songs Lyrics

Song : Dheeli Dheeli Penta Pare

Song : Marudhar Hai Mharo Ghar (Title)

Song : Thare Dil Main Ren De (Female)

Song : Banna Thari Meethi Meethi

An article about Marudhar Mharo Ghar

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

An article about Marudhar Mharo Ghar alongwith interview of Raja Hasan was published on radiomusic.com.

Here is it for you to read:

MUMBAI: Raja Hasan, a name that attained fame through his reality shows and went on to take up playback singing for various renowned music composers and films. Some well-know songs that people will remember him for include ‘Wallah Re Wallah’, ‘Aali Re’ and ‘Lucky Boy’ to name a few. He worked in the regional space as well, which encouraged him to promote Rajasthan (his birth place) through films and music.

In today’s edition of Musical Rendezvous, we have him speak out about his film and other projects.

Rajasthani film ‘Marudhar Mharo Ghar’
We have been planning this for two years now. It was my dad’s (Rafik Sagar) plan to get the film rolling and I was cast as the lead actor and music composer. The music is inspired from Rajasthani Music as there are very few films that are produced in Rajasthan. We have tried giving Rajasthan a movie with a Bollywood touch. Thus, the film has action, drama, emotion and a message is give to the people to create awareness about an issue. We are hoping that people will enjoy the film.

Music in the film
It is the strength as well as weakness in the Indian music industry that music is given the utmost importance. Audiences, today, expect films to have dance, drama and music. We have tried our best to make the songs sound like a Bollywood soundtrack. Music Label Company -Times Music showed keen interest in my music, which was very encouraging for me.

Raja Hasan

Times Music’s first Rajasthani Film
The decision of acquiring the music of a film depends on the content that is offered and they believed in my content. The company knows the level of music and what it stands for, so it is obvious that they will offer support. The important element here is that my relation with Times Music has always been good and I have worked with Bollywood for many projects. I know the sound that meets the international standard which Times Music also understands, which is why they respect my work.
The songs in the film are sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Roopkumar Rathod, Ravindra Upadhyay, and Swaroop Khan. One will understand the level of the soundtrack so it is quite likely that Times Music will give it due respect.

It is an achievement to have a partnership with the label, as you are doing a work in a regional
level and then the songs are provided an international platform to flourish. The feedback for the tracks had helped me understand the quality of my sounds more deeply. I have received positive feedback from audiences outside India as well.

I trust my work and efforts and I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I trust my audiences and they hold an important position in my career as they made me what I am today. I am presenting myself as an actor in front of the same audiences who made me. The only thing I can give my audience is my hard work and determination towards my work.

Efforts in film
It was 52- day shoot and it will be first Rajasthan Film that will be played in multi-screens. The project in a way is a big budget. The film is completely Bollywood, if you only do not consider the language.
I always loved acting as a kid and every child learns to act. I just had to stand in front of the camera and say the dialogues of the lead character that I was playing. I am happy that the director and the DOP for the film were fabulous people and their work was far better than expected.
I have given my 100 per cent, and now the people have to judge. It will be released in Rajasthan first then we will play it different India theatres. There might be around 200 screens including single screens so it will be screened in all the theatres.

Next plan
After the success of the film, I would like to do a movie in which I will like to bring together all the famous names of Rajasthan. I want to make a project with Toshi Sharib. I plan to go to the artistes and respectfully ask them to partake in the movement. It is time for Rajasthan to flourish.
I will continue with my activities in Rajasthan to promote music and films. Along, with this my Bollywood singing projects are an on-going process. This will be my role for years to come.

Singing for regional space
I have sung in all regional spaces where films are screened. It was a learning process for me and it was then that I understood that Rajasthani music is not very popular among people from the Bengali, Punjabi or Tamil industry. I decided to give back what I have achieved in my birth place. My love
divided into two-one for my Karmabhumi (work place) and other is Janmabhumi (birth place) which is Mumbai and Rajasthan respectively.

Lack of music channels
Rajasthan lacks a platform like a music channel to promote the music of upcoming films. I hope authorities understand the empty space and try to provide what is needed.
Journey-from Reality show to singing/acting in films

Today, there is so much competition in the music industry. One song is recorded by multiple artistes. In fact, there are 15 singers singing one song and till last minute a singer does not know in which film his song will appear. There are some blockbuster songs for which my work was finalised and then it was scrapped. In reality, the competition made me realise my strength and calibre. Mumbai has given me a lot and it continues to give. I consider it as a privilege to have worked in Bollywood.

In the last seven years, I have sung more songs compared to any other reality show winner. I have maintained good relations with music composers which has helped me in many ways.
There was a time when every song was sung by Mohit Chauhan and then there is a time when Arijit Singh became famous. Mika Singh rocked people with his voice, and then he was replaced by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

In all this, the biggest example in the industry is Himesh Reshammiya, he gave India new music and sound. Then, he experimented as an actor, singer and producer. It is a great example for anyone. He has done everything on his own.

It is a learning experience for me or anyone. I am sure that all my mentors in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ have helped shape me as a singer and have blessed me on my journey. It is through their blessing I am able to achieve what I have today.

Music of Marudhar Mharo Ghar is liked by critics

By Jugal Kishore Bajaj

The review of the music of Marudhar Mharo Ghar is out on net and it seems critics are loving the music. Here is the review of the music written by Sailesh Gandhi.

Mumbai 2014 Aug XXII(Sailesh Gandhi)

: From its name itself, Marudhar Mharo Ghar sounds as a tribute to Rajasthan. The music of this film invaded by the singer Raja Hasan who apart from singing songs has wrote the lyrics and composed the music and is also acting in the film.
The music sounds Rajasthani as a general though at some places Bollywood touch has been given to the music to aim the songs at the younger generation.

Title song marudhar hai maro ghar is like a tribule to one’s motherland. There are emotions of one’s birthplace in this song. It opens with voice of popular singer Shankar Mahadevan and then Raja Hasan and Swaroop Khan join him. It has a sort of bhajan type feel in its music and is a nice song. Lyrics and music are in sync to make it a perfect number of the film.

Ankhyan sung by Raja Hasan has lots of beats and thumping music that makes it a foot tapping number. It can be a hit during the festivals when there is atmosphere of dancing. There is a rap type singing in the song as it nears the end.

MMG Poster

The track Thare Dil Mein voiced by Raja Hasan has a nice composition. It has a lot of depth in it. Being a romantic song, there is a variety of music pieces in between the stanzas. Various music pieces in between the stanzas romantic song.

Female version of Thare Dil Mein sounds different and has a magical effect lend by voice of Sunidhi Chauhan. She has sung the song very well and has outperformed the lyrics and the music of the song. The song carries romance and emotions keeping both of them balanced. It is a soulful track.
Dhili Dhili sung by Raja Hasan is a peppy song with rising and falling tempo of music in between. Still, it is an average number.

The only duet song in the film Banna Thari that has voices of Raja Hasan and Pragya Sudhani is a melodious number of the movie. Singer Pragya Sudhani has sung it beautifully. This number has a regional touch with a hint of Rajasthani music from beginning to end. Be it the flutes or the percussions, every music piece sounds good. Overall, the film has a good music to boast of.

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